South Carolina Bar Selects Fastcase for Legal Research Member Benefit - Who's On The Move (2024)

Members Get Free Nationwide Law Libraries, Smarter Search Tools, and Integrated Mobile Apps

WASHINGTON, DC – The South Carolina Bar announced today that it has selected Fastcase to provide a nationwide legal research benefit that will be offered free to its members, effectiveNovember 1.

The South Carolina Bar previously had offered the Casemaker legal research service to its members, but it announced today that it would become the seventh state bar association to upgrade from that service to Fastcase. The South Carolina Bar will be the 25th state bar association to offer Fastcase to its members.

In addition to desktop legal research, members of the South Carolina Bar also will be able to sync their member benefit with Fastcase’s industry-leading mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. According to the2013 ABA Technology Survey, Fastcase is by far the most popular legal app (of any kind) for smartphones.

“The South Carolina Bar is pleased to join other state bar associations by changing our legal research benefit to offer free, unlimited access to Fastcase,” said Cal Watson, President of the South Carolina Bar.“Fastcase is on the cutting edge of legal research services and will provide new and advanced research tools for South Carolina lawyers at no cost to them.Access to these expansive resources will in turn enhance the legal services they provide to South Carolinians.”

With Fastcase, bar members will receive unlimited access to one of the largest law libraries in the world, training webinars and tutorials, industry-leading mobile apps, and live customer support from members of the Fastcase team. The member benefit is unlimited – with no restrictions on time or number of transactions, unlimited printing, unlimited reference assistance, and unlimited customer service included for free.

Fastcase normally costs $995 per year – but will be offered to members of the South Carolina Bar as a benefit of membership.

“Our team is very excited to partner with the South Carolina Bar,” said Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase. “Our mission at Fastcase is to democratize the law and to build smarter legal research tools. By making our suite of legal research tools available for free to members of the South Carolina Bar, we can accomplish both goals.”

In addition to its nationwide legal research database, Fastcase’s South Carolina-specific libraries include judicial opinions from the South Carolina Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals back to 1886, Fourth Circuit decisions starting at 1. F.2d 1, U.S. Supreme Court decisions starting with 1 U.S. 1, statutes, regulations, the South Carolina State Constitution, and much more. The service also includes annotated statutes from other states, Fastcase’s annotated U.S. Code, transactional access to newspaper articles, federal court filings, and legal forms, and transactional access through HeinOnline to the largest collection of law reviews in the world.

AfterNovember 1, South Carolina lawyers can access Fastcase through the South Carolina Bar website, where they can log in with their bar username and password.

Known for its mission to democratize the law by making it more accessible to more people, Fastcase has been partnering with bar associations since 2005 and steadily transforming the traditional legal research industry. In addition to bar associations, the company provides smarter legal research tools to lawyers around the world, dozens of AmLaw 250 law firms, in-house counsel, and law schools across the United States.

Twenty-five state bar associations have selected Fastcase to provide a similar member benefit. More than 700,000 lawyers now have a subscription to Fastcase, through their firm or through their bar association.

The Fastcase service will be free to South Carolina Bar members, but it is not a discount legal research service. Fastcase has pioneered the smartest legal research tools in the market, with integrated citation analysis tools, data visualization maps of search results, and the first legal research apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The service also includes Bad Law Bot, the first big data service to identify negative citations to judicial opinions.

Fastcase has gained strong momentum in the legal research market and continues to challenge the norm in legal publishing and legal technology. Fastcase was voted #1 in Law Technology News’s inauguralCustomer Satisfaction Survey, finishing first in 7 out of 10 categories over traditional research providers Westlaw and LexisNexis. Fastcase has introduced new opinion summaries, and has been named to the prestigiousEContent 100list of leading digital publishing and media companies alongside Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook for three years in a row.

In 2010, Fastcase was the first company to launch an app for legal research, and later, the first company to launch an app for iPad. The American Association of Law Libraries named Fastcase for iPhone the2010 New Product of the Yearand named its integration of HeinOnline its2014 New Product of the Year. In 2011, Rocket Matter named Fastcase’s apps for iPhone and iPad the Legal Productivity App of the Year and the company furthered its mobile market presence by debuting theFastcase for Androidapp in 2012.

About the South Carolina Bar

The South Carolina Bar began in 1884 as the South Carolina Bar Association, a voluntary organization of approximately 200 lawyers. The South Carolina State Bar was created in 1968. The two organizations were merged in 1975. Currently the Bar has a membership of more than 15,000. The South Carolina Bar is dedicated to advancing justice, professionalism, and understanding of the law.

About Fastcase

South Carolina Bar Selects Fastcase for Legal Research Member Benefit - Who's On The Move (2024)


How does Fastcase work? ›

Fastcase integrates citation analysis into search results, telling you how often each case in your results list has been cited. Only Fastcase offers this powerful tool.

What are three ways the SC bar provides to the public for legal help from its website? ›

The South Carolina Bar is committed to serving and educating the public through programs designed to create an atmosphere of communication and trust.
  • Common Legal Topics. Browse helpful information about handling many common legal problems.
  • Talk to a Lawyer. ...
  • Find a Lawyer.

How many lawyers are in South Carolina? ›

State2023 lawyersLawyers per 1,000 pop
North Dakota1,6942.2
South Carolina11,0902.1
46 more rows

Who is the executive director of the South Carolina bar? ›

JLC Member, Emma T. Dean, named South Carolina Bar Executive Director – The Junior League of Columbia.

Is Fastcase better than Westlaw? ›

Fastcase is an excellent legal research option whether a lawyer already has access through their bar association or not. Its comprehensive database and growing list of secondary sources is highly competitive with Westlaw and LexisNexis, but at a much lower price.

Is Fastcase reliable? ›

Fastcase is a high quality product at a great price. It allows me to do quick reliable research. I have been very pleased with Fastcase and I appreciate that there are multiple jurisdictions available for search.

Does South Carolina have bar reciprocity? ›

Reciprocity. South Carolina does not have formal bar exam reciprocity with any jurisdiction. Instead, admission on motion is only available to a person serving as the Dean or as a tenured professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law or the Charleston School of Law.

How the SC decides most cases? ›

Since the majority of cases involve the review of a decision of some other court, there is no jury and no witnesses are heard. For each case, the Court has before it a record of prior proceedings and printed briefs containing the arguments of eachside.

Is the South Carolina bar mandatory? ›

Membership in the Bar is mandatory for all persons practicing law within South Carolina, and all fees and dues must be paid to maintain active membership status.

What is a lawyer salary in South Carolina? ›

The average salary for a lawyer in South Carolina is around $95,400 per year.

What city has the most lawyers? ›

Geographic profile for Lawyers:
Metropolitan areaEmployment (1)Location quotient (9)
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA90,9801.99
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV48,4703.25
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA43,4101.46
Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL28,2202.15
6 more rows

What rank is University of South Carolina law? ›

University of South Carolina 2024 Rankings

University of South Carolina is ranked No. 66 (tie) out of 196 in Best Law Schools. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Who is the Executive Director of South Carolina legal Services? ›

To contact our Executive Director, Andrea Loney, email her at For all other inquiries, fill out the form below.

Who is the lawyer for Bryan Kohberger? ›

As Kohberger's lead attorney Anne Taylor argued that two upcoming hearings, set for May 14 and 16, should be made public, she said that Latah County prosecutors have not provided a full video that allegedly shows Kohberger's vehicle by the residence where the four students were killed.

Who runs the American Bar Association? ›

Mary Smith is president of the American Bar Association, the world's largest voluntary association of lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals.

Is Fastcase the best app for legal advice? ›

Winner of the prestigious American Association of Law Libraries (New Product) Award, Fastcase for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone is used by more attorneys than any other legal app according to the ABA.

Does Fastcase use AI? ›

The true goal of the Fastcase AI Sandbox is to “demystify artificial intelligence” and place the tools the pros use within everyone's reach. Right out of the box, the provided templates help give structure-to-process and ideas on how to use the Sandbox, but by no means is it the only way.

How to search using Fastcase? ›

There are three ways to search for cases on Fastcase: by Keyword, Natural Language or Citation Lookup. OR landlord OR lessor Results must contain either the word “landlord” or the word “lessor.” (They may contain both words).

What is Fastcase docket alarm? ›

Docket Alarm is a docket research database that lives alongside Fastcase, enhancing your research experience. For a free trial and more information, visit us at Docket Alarm.


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